This picture was posted on a number of music related internet message boards a few months back. No one seems to know who this person is or where or when this picture was taken or even who took it. People do seem to have a strong reaction to it, however, and on the Bridge Nine Records message board it has achieved legendary status. The man leaning over the door there has been named JEEP BRAH, and he is supposedly in the process of yelling the word "fag" at the photographer. For whatever reason people began to become obsessed with this photo and eventually began editing Jeep Brah's image into all sorts of other images and to create Myspace profiles and other such nonsense based on it. Do a Google search using the words Jeep Brah and see what you get.
See? Pretty crazy, huh? People do seem to have a lot of time on their hands. A massive Craig's List based search campaign has also been launched in order to locate Jeep Brah in person. If he is found I will certainly report it here.
The pictures below are just a sample of some of the Jeep Brah images. I apologize in advance for any that are in bad taste. I actually left a number of them off of here for just that reason.
Please, enjoy.